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Jason Ferguson, Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast

Jason Ferguson-A Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast in California

Rock Hounding

Samina Gulzar – Gems and Mineral Enthusiast and Collector

Samina is an experienced professional and running GGMC website with other professionals. She has 5 years experience in gemstones collections and have 10+ business management experience from different industries. She collects gemstones from all over the world. She is fond of travelling and love to see mineral regions by eyes. She is also running online […]

Richard Harrison – Mineral collector, Geologist and Lapidary Enthusiast.

Richard is a South African geologist with a rich history and exposure to minerals. From a very young age, his father brought him into the family hobby (And sometimes profession) – He spent his school years roaming the bush, looking for minerals and refining his collection. Many years later this passion became a career choice, […]


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Gemstone Identifications

Testing Hardness , Toughness and Stability of Gemstones

How Gemstones durability is analysed?  Durability of gemstones helps in gems identification of particular gemstones through its particular characteristics or resistance power in particular environment in its internal structure or externally.  There are many experiments done on mineral stones and their results tell us about how much stone is hard or tough. There are normally following […]

Testing of Gemstones for Identification through Polariscope

A polariscope is an instrument in gemology for testing of gems with single refraction, double refraction, Poly-crystalline material or ADR. Example HTML page Let us first tell you what is Polariscope? and how test is done?. The name of Polar – Scope itself shows or describes that a method to see the stones from poles or axis […]

Identification of Gems – Calcite dichroscope

Observing Gemstone colours through Calcite Dichroscope. A dichroscope is a handheld tool for identifying or looking into the different colors or shades of a pleochroic piece of gemstones. It helps any gemologist or gem cutter in judging gemstone before cutting or identifying any gem.   Calcite Dichroscope Calcite Dichroscope is used to observe dichroic gems and […]

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