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Pink Star diamond sells for $71.2 million, take a look at the world’s most expensive gemstones

59.60 Carat pink star diamond has broken the world record. It was sold by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in $71.2 million.


The Pink Star Diamond took 2 years to cut after the best gem cutters in the world studied it to reveal the best possible gemstone. It was auctioned last year for $83 Million however the buyer of the gemstone was not able to complete the payment.

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Blue Belle Sapphire of Asia – 11.52 million Pound

Sunrise Ruby – 19.6 million Pound

The Sunrise Ruby” was named after a poem by Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, who gave the most powerful description to the beautiful stone of ruby:
“… a ruby held up to the sunrise.
Is it still a stone, or a world made of redness? It has no resistance to sunlight. The ruby and the sunrise are one…”

White Diamond: Oval Cut D Flawless Type IIa

Colombian Emerald – 43 million Pound

Earlier, the most expensive gemstones were Diamonds, Sapphrie and Rubies. Until recently the magic $1 million per carat mark was only achieved by colored Diamonds. With the sale of the Sunrise Ruby the beautiful red gemstone has joined the exclusive club.

The Most Expensive Gemstones sold

Blue Diamonds

  • Blue Moon Diamond – 12.03cts – $4,028,940.81 per ct
  • Oppenheimer Blue Diamond – 14.62cts – $3,932,968.54
  • Mellon’s fancy vivid blue – 9.75cts – $3,343,589.74 per ct
  • DeBeers Millennium Jewel 4 – 10.10cts – $3,148,514 per ct
  • Winston Blue – 13.22cts – $1,799,952.50 per ct
  • Ocean Dream – 5.5cts – $1,599,752.18 per ct

Red Diamonds

  • Moussaieff – 2.09cts – $2,438,216.27 per ct

Orange Diamonds

  • The Orange – 14.82cts – $2,398,151.89 per ct

Pink Diamonds

  • Unique Pink – 15.38cts -$2,054,616.85
  • Graff Pink – 24.68cts – $1,863,857.37 per ct
  • Pink Star – 59.6cts – $1,194,603.87 per ct


  • Sunrse Ruby – 25.59cts – $1,188,745.60 per ct
  • Graff Ruby – 8.62cts – $994,199.54 per ct
  • Burmese Ruby – 6.04cts – $546,357.62 per ct
  • Burmese Ruby – 32.08cts – $208,852.87 per ct


  • Jewel of Kashmir – 27.68cts – $243,702.60 pre ct
  • Unamed – 35.09cts – $210,844.17 per ct
  • Blue Belle of Asia – 392.52cts – $44,063.48 per ct

Padparchasa Sapphire

  • Unnamed – 14.65cts – $52,965.94 per ct


  • Hope Spinel – 50.13cts – $29,217.26 per ct

Diamonds, and other big three gems, Ruby, Sapphire and Emeralds are breaking the auction records. There are other also which are poplar among buyers. They are Pearls, spinel, jadeite, alexandrite, and other gems are also quite popular among buyers.

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