The Most Expensive Diamonds Ever Sold in Auctions

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Diamonds are the hardest gemstone and mineral liked by most of the people since ancient times. Every year diamonds set new records. New records are made. Old records are beaten by the purchasers.  There are thousands of gemstones,  rocks and minerals and gemstones in the world which can be rare or expensive. But diamonds are for forever. Diamonds are among all other gemstones come top.

Today, we are covering a list of natural diamonds ever sold in auction at extreme prices. Here are listed below the most expensive diamonds ever sold.

Expensive Diamonds Sold Ever At Auctions

1. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

A photograph of the Oppenheimer Blue in its original Verdura "Eight Blades" mounting. Photo courtesy of Verdura
A photograph of the Oppenheimer Blue in its original Verdura “Eight Blades” mounting. Photo courtesy of Verdura

A beautiful blue diamond with the name of “Oppenheimer Blue” got its record as the world’s largest fancy vivid blue diamond which is ever offered in the auction. This made the stone as the extremely rare diamond. Its weight was 14.62 carats. It was sold for $57.5 million including commission and fees in May 2016 at the Christie’s Geneva auction. It has rectangular-shape which has beaten the 12.03-carat “Blue Moon of Josephine,” sold for a world record $48.4 million in Nov 2015.

It is said that the gem has incredible hue, fabulous rectangular shape, and proportion. Christie’s François Curiel stated: “The Oppenheimer Blue can only be described as one of the rarest gems in the world.

2. The Orange

the orange diamond

The orange diamond was sold $35.54 million in November 2013 at Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewel. The weight of the stone is 14.82 carats. The color is orange. According to Forbes, the diamond’s rare fiery color alone could be why this stunning beauty set the world record for the most expensive price per carat for any colored diamond sold at auction.

3. The Pink Star

Most Expensive Diamond Ever Sold - Pink Star

GIA graded vivid pink diamond with a weight of 59.6 carats sold for r $71.2 million in Hongkong at Sotheby’s Auction. It set the record of the most expensive pink diamond ever sold at auction. It was an oval shape. It was auctioned on 4 April 2017 which set the new world auction world record for a diamond. It was cut on oval shape Fancy Vivid Pink Internally. It was flawless. It was acquired by the renowned jeweler Chow Tai Fook. Its new name is CTF PINK STAR. 

4. Sweet Josephine Pink Diamond

The pink diamond has been dubbed The Sweet Josephine by its new owner.
The pink diamond has been dubbed The Sweet Josephine by its new owner. Photograph: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Joseph Lau purchased this beautiful diamond as per CNN. He named the diamond on his 7 years old daughter. It was sold for $28.5 in November 2015. The weight of the diamond was 16.08 carats. Its color was pink.

The Hong Kong investor previously purchased a blue diamond in 2009 for his older daughter Zoe known as “Star of Josephine.”  He purchased the pink diamond on 10th November 2015  at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva, which really set him apart


5. Graff Vivid Pink Diamond

The Graff Pink. Copyright 2013 Top5Bin.
The Graff Pink. Copyright 2013 Top5Bin.

The Graff vivid pink diamond was sold in November 2010. Its weight was 24.75 carats. Its colour was pink. It was sold in Sotheby’s auction. It was set in a platinum ring. The stone is owned by American celebrity jeweler Harry Winston.

The Graff Pink, a rare 24.78-carat pink diamond, once owned by American celebrity jeweler Harry Winston, has been described as “one of the greatest diamonds ever discovered”. The diamond, mounted in a ring, was sold by Sotheby’s auctioneers in Geneva, Switzerland on 16 November 2010. Gemological Institute of America graded the 24.78-carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond as VVS2 clarity.

David Bennett of Sotheby’s David Bennett who is the Chairman Jewelry Europe & the Middle East called it “unbelievable pink diamond,” and  “one of the most important diamonds to come up for auction”

6. “The 101″

101 diamond was sold at price or $26.7 million. The largest D colour flawless diamond ever to be offered for sale at Christie's GenevaIt is called the 101 because its weight was 101.73 carats. It was sold in 2013. It was colorless. It was a pear shape. It was sold at Christie’s. It had flawless clarity in grading and it was D Colour grade.

Characteristics: flawless, D Pear Shape
Colour: Colourless
Weight: 101.73 carats
Shape: Pear
Price: $26.7 million
Date of Auction: Nov, 2013
Place of Auction: Christie’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels Sale

7. The Princie Pink Diamond

The Princie pink Diamond was auction @ $39.3million at The Princie Diamond 36.45 caratsChristie’s in 2013. It was discovered 300 years ago in the famous Golconda Mine in India. Its weight was 34.65 carats. It is the most expensive.

Characteristics: Cushion cut / VS2 clarity
Colour: Pink
Weight:34.65 carats
Shape: Cushion
Price: $39.3 million
Date of Auction: 16 April 2013
Place of Auction: Christie’s

Gemological Institute of America stated that the diamond is fancy intense pink, natural color, VS2 clarity. According to GIA, it is Type IIa diamond. Usually, this type of diamonds are chemically pure which gives exceptional transparency.

8. The Largest Diamond Ever Sold: 118.28 carats

This The largest diamond ever sold: 118-carat diamonddiamond is 118.28 carats and sold for $30.6 million. It was sold at Christie’s in 2013. It has set the record of the largest diamond and the most expensive also.

9. Winston Blue Diamond

the winston blueThe “Winston Blue” was the world largest flawless vivid blue diamond. Its weight was 13.22 carats. It was sold at the Price of $23.8 million. Its color was blue. It was purchased by Harry Winston at Christie’s. Its price set a record at the rate of $1.8million per carat.

10. The Perfect Pink Diamond

This emerald cut diamond the_perfect_pink_a_superb_coloured_diamond_and_diamond_ring_d5370900gwas sold at a price of $23.8 million at Christie’s Hong Kong. It was 14.23 carats and had pink colour. It was sold in 2010. This diamond was the most expensive sale in Asia. It was set in 18kt rose and white gold settings.


Diamonds are always coming on top in the jewelry. People love the diamond and diamond is definitely the king of all gemstones.

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