Interesting History of Swat Emerald Stones from Pakistan

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The first Swat, Pakistan Emerald gemstone was discovered in 1958 accidentally. We will highlight below about it. Let us tell you some key notes about the swat emerald stone. The emeralds from Pakistan are having an extreme rich green colour. Emerald stone deposits are spread in approximately 32+ kilometre area Mingora through Makhad, Malam Jabam Charbagh, Gujar Kili and Bazarliot to Bar Kotkai. Swat emeralds are getting attention day by day. The exploration of emeralds is not full yet in the area. In fact, the production of stones is very slow due to lack of proficiency, professionalists or most important investment.

History Behind Exploration of Natural Emeralds Stone in Swat

Swat emeralds were detected by goatherds accidentally when he was passing beside the Mingora hills. He saw some green crystals on hills. He picked the crystals and went back to the Prince of Swat who was called Wali Swat that time. The Prince got no idea of the stones and showed them to some Indian visitors. The visitors called them emeralds and discussed the value of the gemstones to the Prince. The Prince got bewildered and immediately locked the territory containing emerald deposits. He made it forbidden area and started mining of emeralds there. He got more wealthy due to the trade of those emerald rocks and minerals. The Prince name was Miamgul Jahanzeb.

After that, trade of emeralds started. This continued till 1968 until when the government of Pakistan took charge of the Swat as a whole and dismissed the feudal system

Control of Emerald Mining in Swat

The Swat Emerald mining was given in the control of the Mineral Development Corporation of Pakistan. Later on, another institution was formed on the name of ” Gemstone Corporation of Pakistan”. This new institution took the responsibility and started working in a professional way by engaging geologists, gemologists and mining engineers. In 1979, after formation of Gemstone Corporation of Pakistan, the new institution started to reorganize the mining in a professional way with the help fo mine engineers and geologist.

Swat Emerald Bearing Belt Covering Areas

The deposits of emerald stones start from Mingora to Makhad, Malam Jaba, Charbagh, Gujar Kili and Bzaliot to Bar Kotkai. The emerald bearing belt is also coming towards Shangla.

Investing in emeralds gemstones
Investing in emeralds gemstones. Read this also

According to an estimate made during 19880s, the Swat mine yielded around a quarter of a million carats of emeralds. It is close to 15 m British Pounds. The mine has been remained non-operational between 1998 to 2010. Nowadays, the government of Pakistan issue the leases where local people also participate in the lease. The main thing is an investment which is coming in the way of locals. They are selling raw material which is giving them low profits.


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