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Interesting History of Swat Emerald Stones from Pakistan

The first Swat, Pakistan Emerald gemstone was discovered in 1958 accidentally. We will highlight below about it. Let us tell you some key notes about the swat emerald stone. The emeralds from Pakistan are having an extreme rich green colour. Emerald stone deposits are spread in approximately 32+ kilometre area Mingora through Makhad, Malam Jabam Charbagh, Gujar Kili and Bazarliot to Bar Kotkai. Swat emeralds are getting attention day by day. The exploration of emeralds is not full yet in the area. In fact, the production of stones is very slow due to lack of proficiency, professionalists or most important investment. History Behind Exploration of Natural Emeralds Stone in Swat Swat emeralds were detected by goatherds accidentally when he was […]


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Gemstone Identifications

Crystals Grouped by Chemical Properties

Gems and minerals are recognized by their crystal structural symmetry, chemical, and physical properties. For crystals, they are divided into 2 categories i.e. the lattices can be primitive (only one lattice point per unit cell) or non-primitive (more than one lattice point per unit cell). In the previous article, we learned about 7 crystal structures or system which are the following:- Cubic Hexagonal Tetragonal Trigonal Orthorhombic Monoclinic Triclinic It should be kept in mind that there is no specific way to distribute crystals or divide them. Though here, we are describing 4 crystals type properties wise on the basis of chemical binding of the constituent atoms. They help us understand minerals and gemstone identification. Group of Crystals by their Properties According to […]

7 Types of Crystals Structure and Shapes

The chemistry of crystals is very beautiful. It is the crystal structure by which we name the particular crystal, a crystal. Scientifically, there are 7 types of crystals structure and shapes divided into Lattices (shape). We will today focus on the lattice shape of crystals and their properties. Each crystal type is described by the relationship of lattice sides i.e. a, b, c and angles,  α, β and γ. The structures of crystals can be defined as per their symmetry of the unit cells. Types of Crystals by Lattices (Shape) Here are described under 7 different shapes of crystals:- Cubic Hexagonal Tetragonal Trigonal Orthorhombic Monoclinic Triclinic 1- Cubic or Isometric: The cubic crystal structure has the loveliest and good symmetry. […]

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