We have created this club in order to engage gemstones, mineral and geology community on this platform from all around the world. The idea of the Club is Global and encourages every region to join us. Anyone can be part of GGMC free of cost from gemstones / mineral / geology lover, experts, business community, learners, students, enthusiasts to share their knowledge, findings, discussion, questions, answers, articles, new findings, travel / digging experiences, travel experience, information or anything you have in mind regarding Geology, Gems, Minerals and Rocks.

This is a serious place to get together and share everything on GGMC to provide a place where gems /geology/mineral questions can be discussed without any bothersome.

“Live Together, Share Together, Succeed Together “

With the passage of time, we will be adding new features according to the requirements. Your suggestions are always welcome. You are welcome to email us any idea which we can add in this website to make it look practical and beneficial for each of us. 

Geology Gems Mineral Club


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