Jason Ferguson, Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast

Jason Ferguson-A Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast in California

Jason Ferguson is a mineral collector and a prospecting & mining enthusiast from the state of California. His passion for the mineral world began 6 years ago when a close friend invited him out to prospect gold in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since that successful trip striking gold, Jay made it his […]

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green mineral stones

Emerald – A Green Precious Gemstone

Emerald – A Green Precious Gemstone Emerald is green precious stone which has high value and rare also. Emeralds are considered the gem for royal families whether it Britain or Sheikh of United Arab Emirates. Natural Emeralds green minerals and gemstones must have inclusions which is always interesting. True emeralds have deep rich green colours. […]

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How Healing of Crystals, Minerals and Gemstones Work?

Crystal healing is a widely aspect of curing disease through using different natural crystals in form of rocks, minerals and gemstones. The belief works behind it that crystals act as conduit for healing. They allow positive energy flowing through the body whereas the disease –causing energy flows out. This technique is famous for as alternative […]

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gems and minerals documentary

Gems, Mineral and Rock Hunting in Hunza Part-1

Introduction to the Gem hunting in Hunza, Pakistan This story of gem hunting is back to our visit during ending days of October, 2017 in Hunza, Pakistan. It was long, tiring but full of adventurous visit in the valley and its surroundings. Karakoram road is very comfortable and definitely a wonder of the world which […]

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Healing Minerals and Gemstones

Pakistan-A Land of Largest Gemstones and Minerals Reserves

Pakistan is having largest minerals and gemstones reserves in the world which is said to be the 2nd largest after Brazil. Pakistan popular areas are Baluchistan Province, in north sides there are Skardu, Gilgit, Baltistan, Hunza, and Swat Valleys which have following types of gemstones and minerals. The environment of the region is very perfect […]

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7 Ways to Buy Genuine Gemstones Online

Buying Natural Gemstones and Minerals online is definitely a difficult talk. Minerals and Gemstones market is increasing day by day online. The popular platforms are Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin apart from self-created online stores. However, it is difficult to find natural gemstones for sale online. As one cannot judge or analyses the genuine gemstones by […]

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Difference between Minerals and Gemstones?

Almost minerals and gemstones are same technically if we look at characteristics of them. The science of minerals is called mineralogy. Whereas gemology is a branch of mineralogy. Gemstones are considered as adornment or beauty item which attract human eyes due to its beauty, unique colour, luster and shapes. Minerals occurs as inorganic substance having […]

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