What is Beryl?

What is Beryl? Beryl is known mineral variety in gemstones. Beryl is a family name. This is formed of beryllium cyclosilicate with having formula Be₃Al₂(SiO₃)₆.   The popular varieties of Beryl are emerald and aquamarine. Chemical Composition: – Be-Al-Silicate Crystals Structure: –         Rectangular etch pits Crystal system:-  Hexagonal crystal system Hardness (Mohs hardness scale):  7.5 – […]

What is Luster Called in Gemstones?

Luster is referred to the light reflected from the surface of gems. In some gemstones, there is internal light reflections also such as facet stones with transparency. However internal reflection of light is not called luster. It is called brilliance. Luster is the way a mineral either shines or does not shine. Gems and minerals can […]

How Gemstones Get Their Specific Colours?

Gemstones give very beautiful colour variety which attracts to the eyes of buyers. If people like the particular gemstones, it is because of their colour. Specific colour is known as gem colour. So, how the gemstones get their specific colour and how they turn into that particular colour? Here are some points discussed under below:- […]

Lapidary / Types of Gemstone Cutting

Lapidary is a kind of shaping, working, and cutting of stones. The word is related and referred to small gemstones. Lapidary or gem cutting have been used 1000s years old. It is the way to transform rough gems / crystals into splendid gemstones. It unlocks the luster and shining of the stone. There are following […]

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline gemstone is form of crystal called “ Boron Silicate” or “ Crystalline Boron Silicate mineral” It is composition of various elements such as aluminum, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. Tourmaline has variety of colours and leveled as semi-precious gemstone. Usually Tourmaline hardly matches colour to other tourmaline. They are all time different from […]


What is Emerald? Emerald is widely known as precious gemstone having distinctive green colour. It is one of the mineral Beryl variety OF Beryl family (Be3Al2(SiO3)6). The green colour is due to the presence of chromium and Vandaium. At Mohun Scale, the hardness of beryl is 7.5-8. The quantity of emerald around the world is […]

“Anthill Garnets” The gems mined by tiny Ants

“Anthill garnet” Red pyrope garnet Found in arizona, pyrope is a mineral of the garnet family, found from several localities around the world, but hey why the ones from arizona are called Anthill garnets?, they are called anthill garnets because of their Unexpected/Unusual origin, their origin is unusual becuase these Red Gems are mined by […]


“Prehnite” inosilicate of calcium and alluminium prehnite crystallizes in the orthorhombic crystal system, often forms stalactitic or botroiydal aggregates, vitreous pearly luster Mohs scale hardness of 6-6.5 Specific gravity 2.80-2.90, colour varies from light green,yellow,Colourless,Pink,Blue,White This article will let you know about most of the famous localities which produced Hundreds and thousands of fine specimens, […]

Top 10 Rarest Gems in Whole World

The Mother Earth has numerous gemstones and minerals.  . Some of them are expensive and some of them are non-expensive. Some are always rare. Crystals and gemstones take million years to form in which we see them. The more is the complex process of gemstone formation, the most it is valuable and rare. Here, we […]