Samina Gulzar – Gems and Mineral Collector and Dealer

Samina is an experienced professional and running GGMC website with other professionals. She has 5 years experience in gemstones collections and have 10+ business management experience from different industries. She collects gemstones from all over the world. She is fond of travelling and love to see mineral regions by eyes.

She is also running online gems store where she displays her findings time to time. She is fond of writing also and randomly work on research works.

Mohammad Qasim – Geologist

Originally from Abu Dhabi, Mohammad Qasim Mehmood is currently in his third year of undergrad in Applied Geology at the Institute of Geology at the University of the Punjab in Lahore Pakistan. During his undergrad, he had the opportunity to visit and study the unique geology of Himalayas. He has studied a diversity of subjects like sedimentology, stratigraphy, petrology and structures of the rock units made in result of Himalayan orogeny. He is doing research on the sedimentology and tectonic evolution of the Hazara and Kashmir Basins, Northwest Lesser Himalayas, Pakistan.


Qasim is also the owner and contributor of Learning Geology which is the Pakistan’s largest science website and outreach program. Learning Geology has published more than 600 blogs on basic geology which are playing an excellent role in nurturing and educating the new students in geology from all over the world.

Richard Harrison – Mineral collector, Geologist and Lapidary Enthusiast.

Richard is a South African geologist with a rich history and exposure to minerals. From a very young age, his father brought him into the family hobby (And sometimes profession) – He spent his school years roaming the bush, looking for minerals and refining his collection.

Many years later this passion became a career choice, and he graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a degree in geology, a refined Tsumeb collection and an unrivalled taste for the outdoors. He is also active with the local clubs in South Africa, and often attends their open days and excursions.

The topic of his thesis has brought him much joy – From spending his youth in the Pegmatite belt, it became his research topic and led to involvement with the first declared find of Phenakite in Southern Africa.

He now runs the Cape Minerals business, trading specimens from Southern Africa across the globe.

His collection consists largely of Tsumeb minerals, however in recent years he has branched out to include specimens from the Congo and the South African pegmatite belt. He has also recently started the development of a teaching collection of rocks from Southern Africa, to be preserved and passed down through generations to come. He also contributes to the Wiki knowledge base about South African deposits.

Basham Buzdar Mineral Collector and Photographer

Basham is a native Mineral/Rocks/Fossils Collector, Explorer and Mineral Photographer from Mineral Rich Balochistan Province of Pakistan and a reputed supplier of Mineral specimen and gemstones to various collectors worldwide.

On the Quest to discover the new minerals from Koh-Solaiman Region of Balochistan, he has found a rare and unknown Minerals that can be seen in the gallery. More discoveries are expected as Koh Solaiman Region is still completely untouched by Geological organizations. He is passionate for rock hounding and photography of gemstones and minerals.

His collection consists numerous rocks, gemstones, new discovered minerals, petrified objects and fossils.

Besides, he is Master Graduate in International Business Administration from Romania and runs a social entrepreneurship of Post-consumer plastic recycling setup to play the role in preservation of Ecology.

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