Jason Ferguson, Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast

Jason Ferguson-A Mineral Collector and Mining Enthusiast in California

Jason Ferguson is a mineral collector and a prospecting & mining enthusiast from the state of California. His passion for the mineral world began 6 years ago when a close friend invited him out to prospect gold in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Since that successful trip striking gold, Jay made it his […]

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Rock Hounding

Samina Gulzar – Gems and Mineral Enthusiast and Collector

Samina is an experienced professional and running GGMC website with other professionals. She has 5 years experience in gemstones collections and have 10+ business management experience from different industries. She collects gemstones from all over the world. She is fond of travelling and love to see mineral regions by eyes. She is also running online […]

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Richard Harrison – Mineral collector, Geologist and Lapidary Enthusiast.

Richard is a South African geologist with a rich history and exposure to minerals. From a very young age, his father brought him into the family hobby (And sometimes profession) – He spent his school years roaming the bush, looking for minerals and refining his collection. Many years later this passion became a career choice, […]

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Basham Buzdar Mineral Collector and Photographer

Basham is a native Mineral/Rocks/Fossils Collector, Explorer and Mineral Photographer from Mineral Rich Balochistan Province of Pakistan and a reputed supplier of Mineral specimen and gemstones to various collectors worldwide. Example HTML page On the Quest to discover the new minerals from Koh-Solaiman Region of Balochistan, he has found a rare and unknown Minerals that […]

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