Himalayans Salt Rocks and Salt Lamps

Himalayans salt Rocks and Salt Lamps Himalayan Salt rock is popular for healing properties. Himalayan salt lamps are crafted from salt rocks. The colour of rocks is pink to orange pink. This Natural Salt Rocks comes out from mighty rang of Himalayan Mounts. These Himalayan mountains are situated in Khewra. This salt comes out through […]

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Geology and Fossils

A Meteorite Older Than Earth Discovered by Australian Geologists in outback Australia

Recently, the Desert Fireball Network of Curtin University traced the meteorites in Australian lake, Eyre. The total weight of meteorite is 1.7 Killo Gram. Its age is estimated around 4.5 billion years. Example HTML page Photo: Curtin University/Desert Fireball Network According to http://www.abc.net.au/ , recent discovery of meteorite plunged to Earth in the November. The […]

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