7 Types of Crystals Structure and Shapes

The chemistry of crystals is very beautiful. It is the crystal structure by which we name the particular crystal, a crystal. Scientifically, there are 7 types of crystals structure and shapes divided into Lattices (shape). We will today focus on the lattice shape of crystals and their properties. Each crystal type is described by the relationship of lattice sides i.e. a, b, c and angles,  α, β and γ. The structures of crystals can be defined as per their symmetry of the unit cells. Types of Crystals by Lattices (Shape) Here are described under 7 different shapes of crystals:- Cubic Hexagonal Tetragonal Trigonal Orthorhombic Monoclinic Triclinic 1- Cubic or Isometric: The cubic crystal structure has the loveliest and good symmetry. […]

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