Geology of Earth -‘J waves’ suggest Earth’s inner core is solid

Whats inner geology of earth? What’s going on in the inner side of the Earth. This question always attracts the human mind and especially to the scientists and seismological researchers.  The earth’s geology tells us how the earth was formed, how minerals and gemstones were formed and brought near to the surface. The main question about the geology of earth has been its inner core. That how does it looks like. A new scientific approach has indicated about earth inner core by the researchers at The Australian Nationwide College (ANU). They found indirectly by some creative ways to detect a shear wave which is also called ” J waves” in the inner core of the earth. This wave can pass through solid objects […]

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Research Paper on the Enantiornithine (Baby Bird caught 99 Milliion years ago in Burmese amber)

A baby bird from Dianosour time was caught in amber dated approximately back to 99 million years ago. The amber is 99 million years old according to scientists writing in the journal Gondwana Research. Here are pictures of bird from different angles. [wpdevart_youtube]3No0FaszTG8[/wpdevart_youtube] Sizes and Measurements:- Size: 86 mm x 30 mm x 57 mm, weighs: 78.16 g, [wpdevart_youtube]wA1RGr5uNCw[/wpdevart_youtube] The bird belongs to the group of birds called Enantiornithes which extincted along with other spices of the time i.e. dinosaurs at the end of Cretaceous Period about 65 million years ago. The discovery is very interesting as it is providing wonderful information about the ancient birds in understanding that how they were different than modern birds. This discovery implements the […]

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Top 10 Rarest Gems in Whole World

The Mother Earth has numerous gemstones and minerals.  . Some of them are expensive and some of them are non-expensive. Some are always rare. Crystals and gemstones take million years to form in which we see them. The more is the complex process of gemstone formation, the most it is valuable and rare. Here, we are mentioning here 10 top rarest gemstones whose are valuable. These 10 rarest minerals famous in whole world. This is human nature they like and want to use rare and more expensive things like jewelry, cars etc.  People are attracted to the finer things in life . The rare an item is the more exclusivity it holds. The following 10 are the rarest gemstones of […]

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unique gemstones

Grandidierite a Rare Gem Found in Madagascar

Grandidierite is a rare gemstone Discovered by French Naturalist explorer Alferd grandidier in southern Madagascar in 1902, the gemstone was named in honor of him, he studied the natural history and geography of Madagascar, Visited the island several times.   The early acquisition of the crystals were not much of Facet grade material but still was a gem Collector’s choice to add any Sample of the rare gem in their collection However after a century of limited production and unlimited expedition a new deposit outside the town of tranomaro near the Original Old locality of Andrahomana was found and High facet grade material started hitting up the Gem market in Bangkok, it came in notice of dealers when GIA issued […]

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Geology and Fossils

A Meteorite Older Than Earth Discovered by Australian Geologists in outback Australia

Recently, the Desert Fireball Network of Curtin University traced the meteorites in Australian lake, Eyre. The total weight of meteorite is 1.7 Killo Gram. Its age is estimated around 4.5 billion years. Photo: Curtin University/Desert Fireball Network According to , recent discovery of meteorite plunged to Earth in the November. The team of Curtin University has been after this. However it was tracked later in remote spot in Australian Outback beside Lake Eyre. Phil Bland, a geologist professor who is also a leader of team, extracted it from the soil by hand. He said, “It was an amazing effort,” Bland said in a press release from the university. “We got there by the skin of our teeth.” Professor Bland […]

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